Our Services

Product Development

We specialize in building products.

Market Integration

We walk you through the same process that has helped us generate over $100 million in sales.

Sourcing & Manufacturing

Choosing the right manufacturing partner is critical for long-term success. We can help.  

Video Production

From storyboarding to full scale production.


We help you build the right message by helping you understand your customer.


Your customer experience with your product is everything. We apply this principle both in physical design as well as digital experience.  


We can help you iterate through design by building physical prototypes.

Market Analysis

Understanding your competition, market potential and market gaps can make or break your product. We work here to develop the most efficient market integration strategy possible tailored to your product.


Amazon is a giant. We leverage our core competency building products and combine it with a proprietary research method that solidifies your products success across this channel.

Retail Integration

We have partnerships with the US’s largest retailers. We can work with you to sell your product through these channels


A new program for those interested in developing products, but without a final idea. We can help refine, ideate and execute at any stage of the process.


We combine our capabilities with our industry partners to provide you with an end to end experience to bring your vision to life


Take your idea from paper to the shelves. 


The Process


Design is the opportunity for your product to tell its story. This is why design is the first as well as the final stage of development at Rubix.


Rubix employs 8 full time engineers, which allows us to give each project the necessary focus as well as ensure each project undergoes a rigorous review process.


From small batch manufacturing to large scale production runs, we work on projects from a few units to hundreds of thousands at a time.


Products Completed


Million In Sales 


Global Offices 


Our Partners

Over $100 Million in Sales Across These Channels

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